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What is an ionic footbath?

An ionic foot bath (also called ion cleanse foot bath or detox foot spa) is a biofield-enhancing and detoxification tool for home. It's really a simple and powerful technology that provides a holistic alternative to full body cleanse and energy body stimulation. Ionic foot baths help to clean up and redefine energy pathways and unblock the free flow of energy in the meridians.


The cause of ALL illnesses and diseases is directly related to the accumulation of toxins that our bodies are not able to  eliminate.  Here is a list of some conditions or illnesses that are related…

Asthma    chronic fatigue    back pain    gastrointestinal distress    acid reflux    headache    obesity    bad breath    anxiety    poor skin    cellulite    menopause symptoms    menstrual cramps    frequent colds   sleep disorders    arthritis    multiple chemical sensitivity    Fibromyalgia    neurological disorders    Parkinson’s cholesterol problems    Diarrhea    IBS    Allergies    Liver problems    Hemorrhoids    Diverticulosis

Benefits of ionic foot baths

Here is a list of claims that have been backed up by facts and proven by alternative medicine. This list includes reasonable assumptions, too, since as long as they are based on experiences and reports they are equally well valued in natural medicine. The basic health claims are listed as follows:

- ionic foot baths stimulate and re-balance the whole bio-energetic field,

- clear up energetic blockages / unblock the energy flow in the meridians

- facilitate capillary micro-circulation in the organs (including the detoxifying organs)

- improve lymphatic circulation and boost immune functions, thus increase the body's ability to fight infections, inflammations and cancer

- enhance the functioning of the detoxifying organs such as the liver, kidneys, colon, skin and lungs

- enhance the body's ability to protect itself from electromagnetic field radiation

- have a general stimulating effect on the whole organism increasing the overall sense of well-being

- ion foot baths improve sleep and memory functions

- decrease recovery time after injuries, surgeries and diseases

- help repairing the tissues, especially the connective tissues; increase flexibility

- enhance nutrient absorption

- help to relieve headaches, arthritis and joint pain

Foot baths are $40 each

**Preferred Customer Pricing Available also**